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India post liberalization has witnessed a revival in the old sectors such as the Garment export industry and growth in niche sunrise sectors like Life style Retail.

In recent scenario, India has become a critical component of growth strategy for Multinational brands both as captive market and sourcing base.

In an emerging knowledge based economy, it’s the people and the people’s skills or employability that determines success. For companies the talent pool has become the most valuable asset, more valuable than capital, land or machinery.

It's this factor which makes it imperative that India has a vast body of trained manpower for International Sourcing companies, Indian Retailers and Manufacturers. Scarcity of Talent limits growth.

TAB established since 1996 has an exclusive database on key personnel in each area, such as Design, Merchandise, Supply Chain Management, Brand Management, Production, Quality Control to Logistics, HR,IT Support and more…